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Clash of Kingdoms
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Clash of Kingdoms is a F2P (free-to-play) Android, Heros Role-Playing Multiplayer Card Game taking place on the time of three kingdoms.

If you go back to the time of three kingdoms, can you conquer the world and be the supreme emperor? Come and challenge yourself in Clash of Kingdoms. In Clash of Kingdoms , heroes are connected to each other. Using this connection, they'll be more powerful. Plus, every hero is humorous and will never bore you. You can also enjoy the free combination of different heroes, diverse gear systems, originally developed stage mode and etc. When you make it, you can feel the satisfaction and achievement of unifying the world. My Lord, the preparation is done. We're waiting for you!

Huge Welfare Package - You'll get an Orange Hero on the 2nd day after the server opens, a Red Hero on the 7th day and a super awesome gear in the 3rd week! You will not be alone on this way to Emperor. Fancy gears will help you out and all brave heroes will swear loyalty to you. Let's rock the world!

Game Features:

- Go Back To The Time Of Three Kingdoms, Remake The History!

Change the history of that famous time, create your own three kingdoms, decide the fate of your favorite heroes. You are the king of the world!

- Get Trilled At The Shining And Splendid Joint Skills

All heroes can cast joint skills. When you send Lv Bu and Diao Chan, Zhu Geliang and Guan Yu, Zhou Yu and Lu Xun, Jia Xu and Zhen Ji and other combo to battles together, they can cast the joint skills and make horrible destructions.

- 3D Characters, Surpassing Ordinary Ones And Awesomely Good Looking!

In this game you can feel the most advanced game technique and have a super cool gaming experience. Just drop your 2D card game and have a try at this brand new and fun 3D action game. You can't miss it.

- Unique Hero Link System, Fatal Joint Skills

The tension and gorgeousness of fights will be presented completely with the casting of hero links and joint skills.

- Play Easily With Free Generous Bonuses!

Each day you can get 500 Diamonds and you can get it for 365 days. In the first week you can claim 30000 Diamonds and you may never need to worry about top-up. Orange heroes and red heroes will be sent to you for free. It's the most conscientious game ever!

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