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Energy Heroes
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Energy Heroes is a F2P (Free-to-play), sci-fi MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) Game set in a distant future and featuring a rich science-fiction world.

Energy Heroes is a free-to-play team versus team science fiction Third Person Shooter designed to enhance collaborative gameplay experiences by tweaking the classic rules found in MOBA and other team based online multiplayer games.

Created for the PC platform, Energy heroes is set in a distant future, featuring a rich science-fiction world where players can choose from 10 different characters belonging to three different species classifications with each their own unique set of skills and weapons. The environment sprinkled with a mix of style elements from the comic books and futuristic movies universe delivers contrasted colors and first-class graphics.

The Game Story:

Somewhere in a far off universe, two civilizations vie for a resource called “Energium”, sparking wars throughout the galaxy. The SCD, a private military company created to regulate and settle those conflicts, is recruiting in order to intervene on a new theater. Join the SCD as a new recruit, and take part in the fighting.

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