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Ember Strike
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Ember Strike is a Free-to-play, simultaneous, Real Time Three-Match Puzzle, Strategy Multiplayer Game featuring Super Fast Fighting.

Ember Strike is the first PVP fighter of its kind, interesting mix of speed and action with live, competitive, head-to-head battles. Collect and upgrade a team of unique fighters and strike down your opponents in a totally unique mix of hardcore fighting, mini-games, and puzzle action. Steal moves, throw Strikes, reign destruction on your enemies!

Key Features:

- Super Fast Fighting - The ultimate combination of competition, strategy, and game variety at lighting speed.

- Real time Head-to-Head combat! Experience the thrill of PVP competition 24/7 against real human opponents.

- Collect a team of fighters, each with special powers.

- Attack with a variety of in-match mini-games.

- Travel across different worlds for unique battles and epic boss fights!

- Fighting game tactics meet explosive powers! Gain board control to charge attacks. Steal and block moves, and use high-powered mini-games on a shared battlefield.

- Features both singleplayer and multiplayer game modes.

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