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Monster Sweeperz
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Monster Sweeperz is a Free-to-play Amdroid, Arcade Shooter mobile RPG Multiplayer Game.

Monster Sweeperz ,a slide and tap controlled shoot ‘em up game. In Monster Sweeperz players create a team from over 400 cute but deadly characters – each with their own unique abilities and skills. The team fights on the front of a heavily armed tank as they battle their way through the endless waves of monsters and the undead. With over 100 stages of gameplay to tackle in the mission modes, Monster Sweeperz players will need to strategically customize their team and their upgradable tanks to become the ultimate monster sweeping force.

In Monster Sweeperz players will:

- Blast Away Monster Waves: easy-to-play slide controls for thrilling rapid fire and tap based skills for tanks and heroes to devastate hordes

- Summon a Powerful Crew of ‘Sweeperz’: customize teams from over 400 adorable characters of different classes, skills and elements

- Strengthen Firepower, Defense and Mobility: upgrade, evolve and reinforce crews and tanks to become an unstoppable force

- Command Tanks to Sweeping Victories: conquer over 100 stages from the missions and receive handsome rewards from other various game modes

- Battle Together with Comrades: play together with friends and help each other tackle the most difficult stages

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