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Heat Online
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Heat Online is a 3D Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Racing Game featuring realistic gameplay.

Heat Online, previously known as Project Torque has a very interesting world. You start at Olympic Square. Its basically a lobby that has a portal for each: tutorial, auto-join a game, create a game, show list of games and a social portal. Everything is approached in your car that you've upgraded/customized and made your own. Outside of this small lobby, there's a large world with a bunch of streets and drives. The graphics of this game look and are very good I could not complain about something in this area may be the support for 3.0 shadows but i think I am already too demanding.

Unlike other racing games, Heat Online has no missiles, boosts or other stupid items that ruin the gameplay, so if you want a game inclined to realism and realistic racing, this is the game that suit you. The driving isnt exactly smooth though. Drifting is a bit rough and making sharp turns is extremely difficult, but if I had a steering wheel rather than a keyboard to control the car, I think I would not haved this problems. However and with the keyboard the car is more than controllable so from my point of view the car control with the keyboard is decent to good neafecting gameplay and that I think is the most important thing in game.

The amount of skill needed in this game is very high. To excel and get into first place, you'll either need ridiculously good control or you'll need to be very, very lucky. The grassy banks or the parts on the sides of the road slow you down so much that driving on them for a few seconds can really put you in a bad position. What I really like about Heat Online is that there is nothing that can make a player in 8th place suddenly jump into to 1st place. The game also has various game modes from classic racing up to the of road one. Cars are diverse and customizable up to the smallest detail and can even finely adjust the car settings as a formula one simulators.

Overall I was very satisfied with numerous modes game and especially the aspect of realistic racing game, a rare jewel in these times in which we get invaded by racing arcade games, and not forget the game's graphics that in some areas manages to amaze. A seldom game that you should not be missed under any excuse, try it with confidence and you not gonna regret.


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