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Titan Brawl
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Titan Brawl is a Free-to-play Android, MOBA (Multiplayer Battle Arena) Game.

Titan Brawl is a real-time PvP game, with intense 4 minute matches, awesome collectable heroes, that blends action and strategy to test your combat skills to the limit. In the game you assemble a team of four comprising intergalactic brawlers; from ex-military mercs to ancient gods. Tanks, healers, damage dealers... And one titular Titan.They have one mission - protect their Totem and destroy enemies’ one. The Totems are flanked by two towers. Opposing territories are connected with two lanes, where most of the brawling happens. You play the game by deploying your troops and using powerups.


- Real-time games, with real players;

- Quick paced, 4 minute long matches;

- Easily connect with friends;

- Awesome heroes to collect;

- Co-op with friends.

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