Chronicle RuneScape Legends

Friday, 27 May 2016 08:01 mmoraw
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Chronicle RuneScape Legends is a Free-to-play, Strategy Card Multiplayer Game where lives are gambled on the turn of your cards.

Chronicle RuneScape Legends is a new adventure in CCGs (Colectible Card Game), a unique twist on the card game genre, which combines tactical PvE with strategic PvP gameplay, Chronicle sees players fighting against their own cards as well as their opponents, and crafting adventures in a quest for supremacy over their rival.

As every quest chapter opens, a rich environment is revealed and offers up four slots for card placement, each representing a step forward and action point in the adventure. In the role of a chosen Legend, players select up to four cards from their deck, which can be a mix of Support and Enemy cards each with an action and specific values. These are then placed in the slots on the landscape and locked in sequence.

In Chronicle, the player’s cards are both their greatest weapon and weakness. Like any other role playing game, players slay monsters, bosses and other foes to gain loot. Unlike other card games, players need to battle their own cards, rather than their opponents. As the sequence of cards turn one-by-one the quest unfolds, with each card bringing a new challenge or reward. The rival Legend’s chain of cards plays out in parallel and can help or, more likely, hinder the player. If both players make it to the end of the fifth chapter, the Legends do battle against each other, with the victor being the last person standing. Progress through beautiful 3D landscapes whilst encountering bosses and allies who could help, or more likely hinder, your progress in your journey to an epic final duel with your challenger.

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