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Heaven Knights
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Heaven Knights is a Free Android, Action RPG (Role-Playing game) Multiplayer Game featuring 3-D environment, beautiful graphics and flashy effect animations.

Heaven Knights bring Action RPG Game into your mobile! In the world of chaos, a Brave Knight like you come to save the world. Team up with other Heroes, to bring back the peace to the land! Explore every miles of the Continent as you fight all the injustices! Experience innovative RPG battle, build the strongest force from the ground up! Leave your mark all over the land as the most merciless Knight the world has ever known!


- Breathtaking Adventure

- Feel the excitement of an epic adventure with 3-D environment, beautiful graphics and flashy effect animations.

- Over 150 Brave Knights!

- Over more than 150 Knights with various skills that can fascinate you at a stroke!

Experience a True RPG!

- Battle System - Battle system with using 4 main characters!

- Auto Battle - Support for easy, fast-paced and thrilling battle.

- Dual Control - Allow you to have full control both your personal Knight and party.

- Level up - Upgrade and evolve your Knight to become more stronger and unlock more skill!

Numerous Thrilling Modes

- Knight Adventure - Explore Ares Continent with interactive story!

- Colosseum (PVP) - Compete with other player to be the strongest Knight!

- Daily Dungeon - Conquer all the stage and get all the rewards!

- Boss Raid - Team up with your friends to fight the Boss and get the rare item!

- Tower of Ordeal - Prove your best in the most advanced Trial!

- Expedition - Send your Knight to explore new area!

- Guild Castle Battle - Experience big war with other Guild to occupy the Castle!

- Guild Raid - Defeat the Boss together with your friends in the same Guild!

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