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Face of Mankind
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Face of Mankind is a 3D sci-fi Role Playing MMO Game set in the 24th century.

Face of Mankind is set in the 24th century, after man has begun the colonization of the cosmos is not a story too inspired or original with deplorable graphics that looks like the first 3D games with boring and retard gameplay.

There is no leveling system in FOM, just a ranking system. Your character can only rank-up when your faction leader decides too. In order to be recognized by your faction leader it is better to be in contact with them, and complete various faction objectives. Your character how ever does gain EXP, and the amount of your EXP can help factor on how your faction leader promotes you. As for the PVP aspect in FOM, any player may attack another at any given moment, but if the player is caught in the act of player killing then the authorities may affect the outcome.

Most of the gaming aspects in FOM are restricted to premium accounts, which is a fee of $9.99 a month, the game has content for free accounts but little less than other Free Games. From my point of view is a wolf in sheep's clothing meaning is not not nearly so free as much as people think.

Overall this game is an offense against sci-fi fans everywhere and I can not recommend it not even the most inveterate fan of the sci-fi games.

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