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Bitardia Cards Memes of 2ch
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Bitardia Cards [Memes of 2ch] is a Casual Free-to-play, Card Multiplayer Game featuring deck of meme cards.

Bitardia Cards Memes of 2ch " Have you ever found yourself, lost in the woods with a couple of friends?, with a deck of meme cards and some convienently placed chairs around a stub of a tree?

Well this game lets you live that fantasy and what more would you do in that situation than sit down and 1 vs 1 each other whilst you wait for your mom to find where you got lost in the woods.

This game has everything from intense sad frog taunts like the poor frogs life wasnt bad enough you place him as bait for the other player FeelsBadMan to feeling the power you cant get in real life by ban hammering an opponents card off the board completely. "

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