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Destiny of Thrones
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Destiny of Thrones is an Android Free-to-play, (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) MOBA Game featuring more than 50 heroes from fierce warrior to powerful wizard.

Destiny of Thrones ,meet up real time fighting, battle along with comrade, strategize and train heroes to defeat your enemies to conquer the battle


- Extraordinary Skill effect

- More than 50 heroes from fierce warrior to powerful wizard

- Choose your own hero and play desired hero for free!

- Variety of class to choose from including Fighter, Tanker, Mage, Marksman and Assassin

- Deploy strategy and upgrade skill, equipment to conquer the throne

- Engage your enemies from first minute or farm your item to be late game killer, everything is your own to decide

- Increase your abilities with magic stone

- Engage in battle with familiar mode or explore new modes which you never found in any other games

- Strategize and engage in combat just like PC MOBA games that you are already familiar with

- Wide range of events, play everyday and get reward everyday

- Easy to control with your fingertip make it able to play even when traveling!

Experience a one man army combat or fight along with your friends

- Single play with AI or fight along with friends available in both 3vs3 and 5vs5

- Party with your friends to defeat your rival!

- Strengthen with guild system and crush your opponent's guild to the ground

- Compare your strength with others in ranking system

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