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BattleSouls is a Free-to-play third-person, Team Arena Beat ‘em Up Multiplayer Action Game where Class change is king.

BattleSouls is built on quick decisions and even faster gameplay. Class change is king, and the heroes you choose will heavily define the impact you have on the battlefield. Choose your three heroes and step into the fray for the battle of the legendary soul crystals in BattleSouls, a fast-paced multiplayer action game developed by Pixeleap. But choose wisely; each hero has his or her own unique abilities and it’s up to you to master them while freely switching between classes in battle.

In a 3rd-person, 5v5 brawl, take control of the battlefield by changing your classes on the fly, and by going on the offensive to destroy the enemy's Soul Crystal within their base. Pick three classes and protect the inhibitor that stands at the centre of the battlefield. Without its control, your team's Soul Crystal can be damaged, and can be destroyed with a well-thought-out attack. BattleSouls combines buffs, a multi-level battlefield, and the ability to change your class on the fly to create engaging 10-15 minute showdowns with your friends.

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