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Pocket Platoons
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Pocket Platoons is a Free-to-play Android, Turn-Based Strategy Multiplayer Game (TBS), assault Normandy with the Allies or stand your ground with the Axis.

Are you looking for action? Here’s your chance to take command of your own pocket war. Deploy units strategically to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses. Recruit, train, and control an unstoppable military force. Victory is at your fingertips! Construct a base of operations and prepare for battle. Rally your troops to smash the enemy or train them to defend your position. Promote officers to customize their skills. Develop tactical strategies to make your army be the best it can be! There’s strength in numbers! Team with allies and create coalitions. Combine forces with your friends to fight for victory against opposing players. Go forward together to defeat the enemy’s secret weapon.

With Six Battle Modes to Master:

- Campaign – Battle across Normandy in 180 challenging missions.

- Raid – Invade players' bases and test their defensive strategies.

- PvP War Games – Pit your tactics against live opponents.

- Siege – Refine your strategies against waves of computer enemies.

- Coalition Battles – Gather a coalition and fight 5v5 against other teams of players.

- Secret Mission – It's big, it's bad. It may take everything you've got to beat it.

Are you ready to answer the call? Assault Normandy with the Allies or stand your ground with the Axis! Take control of the battle to turn the tide or sit back and watch the action unfold. Choose a side and fight for supremacy of Europe.

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