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Scarlet Legacy
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Scarlet Legacy is a Action oriented Role Playing MMO Game.

Story is that Princess Scarlet has been captured by evil forces, and its up to you to rescue her. Scarlet Legacy for the most part does look great, and there are some really nice effects in the visuals. Many things in the world have had a great amount of attention paid towards the detail in the textures, but there have been many corners cut. It is insulting however when you use an oversized NPC model as a statue, place it in front of realistic water, but surround it in once again N64 quality walls.

Besides the imperfections, Scarlet Legacy does offer quite an authentic atmosphere that would please most gamers who enjoy an Eastern MMO. There is an atmosphere present that definitely brings back memories of a few Kung-Fu movies.

Chain Kill System: if you are able to kill monsters or other players within 30 seconds of your last kill consecutively your combo value will increase, and you will be able to earn special buffs and item rewards the higher you get.

The Celestial Mirror allows you to communicate with Princess Scarlet as you level your character and progress through the game's storyline. Each time you level and at certain cinematic points in the narrative arc the Celestial Mirror icon will flash at the top right of your screen, alerting you that the next stage of the story is underway. The Celestial Mirror system window allows you to go back and view previous Celestial Mirror messages, as well as equip costumes on Princess Scarlet and view your relationship status with her.

Scarlet Legacy allows you to automate repetitive functions such as recasting buffs, using stat increasing potions when their time limits run out, etc. The game offers tactical combat with stylish attack animations, plenty of character customization options, and various PvP modes. There are four classes to chose from at the beginning, but each has access to three unique skill trees which allows for personalized progression. Scarlet Legacy is a complete MMORPG offering with crafting profession skills, mounts, a pet system, and even a match-making feature. Quest alone, or join with other players to complete special instances and explore difficult zones.


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