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Venator is a Free-to-play Android, Role-Playing Multiplayer Game where sword is the only one you can trust in this game world.

True RPG that will waken your urge to dominate the world! Venator Dragon's Labyrinth. Build your very own territory and collect diverse Heroes! When all preparations are complete, join other Heroes

in the great battles and bring fame to your title!

1. The one who rules the Tower controls the Realm! Extreme Battle!

- Face the great forces of evil that guard the 4 Towers and challenge to reach the top!

- Challenge the extreme battle and be rewarded with the rarest and toughest set item!

2. Endless series of breath taking battles among Heroes! 3 Vs. 3 & 9 Vs. 9 Hero Battle!

- Put your honor on the line and fight to be the last survival!

- Feel the awesome power of an army of Heroes battling in the palm of your hand.

3. Spectacular siege warfare through simple one-touch control! Siege Battle!

- Attack other player's territory with through simple control!

- Invade opponent's territory and loot his resources!

4. Build your very own kingdom.

- Gather resources. Build and upgrade various buildings and spread the magnificence of your Kingdom throughout the Realm!

- Build defense towers and protect your territory from invaders!

5. Grow diverse Heroes through collecting, upgrading, and evolving!

- Collect and grow over 300 different Heroes.

- Build a party of great warriors of 5 different Classes: Knight, Barbarian, Healer, Wizard, Archer

- Attack other player's territory through simple control!

- Invade opponent's territory and loot his resources!

Anyone can play this game for free. However, there are some items in the game that require in-app purchase.

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