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Crazy Killer

Crazy Killer

Wednesday, 27 April 2016 19:12 mmoraw
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Crazy Killer is a Free-to-play , Action MMO Game where you have to find out who is a harmless citizen and who is an insidious killer.

Crazy Killer is a MMO action game where all players have randomly assigned roles - citizen, sheriff or killer. Đ•ach role has a goal - civilians need to survive, the sheriff has to elimanate the killer and the killer should destroy everyone and become the last player standing.

You are taking part in a virtual game show Crazy Killer , where you have to find out who is a harmless citizen and who is an insidious killer. Only those who correctly reveal the role of other players will achieve victory. One of your neighbors could be a sheriff and someone could be an insidious killer. Someone runs, someone hides, someone earns experience points, and someone is trying to find a weapon. Everyone knows an insidious killer is hiding in the crowd. Do not turn your back! Suspect everyone! Trust no one!


- Search for the enemy - anyone could be the killer

-Atmospheric levels in different styles

- Special weapons and skins for different roles

- Items and special abilities to discover, confuse or repel the killer

- Masking features - hide your role, pretend to be someone else

- Freedom of tactics - many ways to win and earn experience

- Special skins with open roles for the most confident players

- Cartoon graphics - Why so serious?

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