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Remnant Knights
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Remnant Knights is a Anime Role Playing MMO Game.

Remnant Knights is an easy game of summer which may fascinate the anime fans do not get me wrong is not a bad game, only as is missing that something to fascinates you, perhaps more attention to atmosphere of the game and to details could be did wonders. And clearly the reference to school and division of characters in two schools does not help the game to create a pleasant atmosphere of playing, nobody wants to be remind during the summer holidays of school or to be forced to choose between two faction schools in the game.

As I was saying after one school is selected between these two possible, it go to the usual guiding starting quests, i would like to mention here presence of the system of auto finding pathways to quests materialized through the presence of blue arrows signs on the ground. Control of character during battles with monsters in the game is done using the mouse, with WSAD keys or with less than famous direction arrows. The Animation is cursive with the mention that the character in the game make some incredibly high jumps, totally unrealistic and is also do not help to the feeling of the game.

The graphics are average with small pluses to variation between different locations of the game, also to pluses of the game stands a kind of sword combined with a skiing board to help you move faster.

If I were to have no which games to play at some point I would certainly try this game, but you shall not be put off by an negative comments, in the end it might be possible to have like it despite some flaws of the producers.


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