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Imperia Online

Imperia Online

Wednesday, 20 April 2016 16:26 mmoraw
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Imperia Online is an Free-to-play, Strategy MMO Game in a medieval world of sharp blades, long bows and war horses.

Imperia Online takes you to a world existing before the age of gunpowder. This is the world of sharp blades, long bows and war horses. A time of political intrigues, huge medieval field battles, fortress sieges with catapults and trebuchets, heavy knights wiping out entire armies, pillages upon the civil population and thousands of soldiers sacrificing themselves in a single battle. A time of legendary war lords, crushing rich and economically advanced kingdoms. A time of powerful alliances, fighting each other for total world domination.

Take on the role of a medieval ruler, destined to turn his small village into a mighty Empire. Enter a world that never sleeps. A world where you will face thousands of players. Some of them bound to be your enemies. Others will become your friends and trusted allies. Imperia Online is known for its deep gameplay, a near perfect blend of strategy and simulation. Build your capital, claim new territories by establishing provinces, trading posts and military encampments. Train your army to spy on the enemy and defend your Empire from all who dare to reach for its riches. Each decision you make as a ruler has an impact on your Empire and echoes throughout the entire Realm.

Building, conquering, trading, researching and negotiating - a mandatory list of activities any MMORTS aficionado would expect from a well established strategy game is now enriched with a new peculiar feature: by constructing a palace, players can found their own imperial dynasty to bolster its further development through generations to come.

With its MMO and pvp focus you can expect to become a part of an alliance and wage war against enemy players in competition for the title "Lord of the Realm"! Special weekly events, realms and tournaments are all present to ensure you will never have a dull moment.

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