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Howz-it! is a Free-to-play, Real-estate Property, Strategy Multiplayer Game aiming to demystify the world of real estate.

Howz-it! is the first serious property-game created by Sea Monster Entertainment, which aims to demystify the world of real estate by giving players the keys to property success. By choosing your property, street and home, you become part of a virtual community where you will learn about investments and bonds.

It is the largest serious game ever built in Africa, and set in the South African context. Combining elements of Monopoly and Farmville, this game is highly customisable, and encourages users to try various strategies that can maximize net asset value, cash flow and other financial goals.

Choose from a variety of property-related challenges, like buying a house and renting it out, and complete the task to stand a chance to win real-world rewards.

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