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Bright Shadow
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Bright Shadow is a anime styled Role-Playing MMO Game.

The story:

For many centuries, the magical world of Luciena has been under threat by mysterious dark forces. These evil beings from the Umbra Realm are using ‘Soul Power’ to transform themselves into hideous monsters that seek ultimate domination. The Umbra’s power is fed by destruction, deceit, corruption and death. The once peaceful community of Luciena have been rediscovering the magical properties of Soul Power to defend themselves against the Umbra and their powerful God-like PenUmbra masters. The Lucians united and diversified, developing tactics, technology and magic to stop the notrocities they have had to endure for so long. The Lucians have had numerous successes against the forces of evil, but soon the Umbra retaliated with merciless force and it was clear that the war had just begun.

Bright Shadow look really good from the visual point of view with many special lighting effects, especially the vivid colors and particularly the characters from the game that have normal dimensions without already the usual short arms and legs found in other games with the same cute theme. Usually I do not comment about the music and sound effects but this game forced me to do because it has a very good soundtrack and even help the gameplay and especially create the innocent atmosphere in the game.

The gameplay is surprisingly cursive, with fluent animations the actual fighting monsters not raises problems may be should have a more easy to use spells but the current one is not uncomfortable, is a more matter of taste. Quests should have a system for automatically finding NPCs and the location referred to respective quests on the map, is a great loss its absence in this game as well as from the other games missing, would have helped players and certainly do not would be bad for fluidization of gameplay and quests.

At least for me, Bright Shadow it was a pleasant surprise appearance of this game overall Bright Shadow is smooth and fun and totally different from what appeared so far in the field of cute games and should be tried.


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