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Dungeon Hero
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Dungeon Hero is a Free-to-play, Hack and slash Role-Playing MMO Game with cute, short legs, Anime characters.

Dungeon Hero offers cute Anime characters in an anything but cute battle for survival through hundreds of dungeons and team-based PvP battle. Dungeon Play is one of important system to level up and obtain quest item. Enhancement - if you have Enhancement Stone, you can enhance your equipment whenever and wherever. Stone Enhancement rate is different according to kind of Equipment and level of Enhancement. You can increase Enhancement rate with ‘Enhancement Supplement’. Item can be disassembled by ‘Disassemble Tool’. You can obtain it from dungeons and buy from NPC.

Reward of Camp War - when Camp War is over, Reward icon will be appeared. Buff reward will be given to Top 1, Top 2 and Top 3 except badge. Reward for rank will be given 3rd stages at most when you achieve same rank consecutively. And Camp War Buff is different in progress of Camp War and not in progress of Camp War..

Open Field - it is normal MMO field that you can enter freely and monsters are regenerated constantly. Feature: - Exp from Open Field is lower than exp from Dungeon. But Drop rate of Enhancement Stone and Jewel is 3 times higher than Dungeon. And you can recover Fatigue by hunting monster in Open Field. - When you kill monsters at Open Field, you can recover Fatigue little bit. Recovery quantity of Fatigue from anywhere of Open Field and every monster is same. But when you hunt monsters that are not matched with your level, Fatigue can’t recovered normally.

Skill - Skill Rune - Skill Rune is only for Enhancement item that gives attribute to learned skill. There are three types. ‘Rune of Ruby’, ‘Rune of Sapphire’, ‘Rune of Emerald’.

Passive Skill - When you are Lv10, you can use Passive Skills that you can enhance yourself. Passive Skills are not divided into each job. You will receive 1 point whenever you level up from Lv10. When you click “Edit Skills”, you can use. Passive Skills divided as ‘Damage, ‘Defense’ and ‘Support’. But, Passive Skills have limit according to character Lv. and previous characteristic.

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