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Thundercall is a Browser-based Free-to-play, Role-Playing MMO Game MMORPG taking places in a vast Fantasy world rendered with rich 2.5D graphics.

A quest driven interactive ARPG web game rendered with rich 2.5D graphics and using a gamer influenced interface for more hands on game play, Thundercall immerses a player in a free to play western mythology inspired game, beside other players from around the world. Enter a world where events and quests can reward you with items to create fully detailed weapons and armor with stunning visual skill effects in battle against all manner of opponents. Ride tall on a bear, a dragon or one of the other life like mounts, a loyal pet and a breathtakingly beautiful goddess to be your companion.

Thundercall sets the scene by giving players a vast fantasy world to explore and interact with. Though the formula is familiar, this title sets itself apart by offering a more intuitive experience.

From a relatively early stage in the game, players are given freedom to evolve their character class as they see fit, join guilds, explore the world, participate in PVP, take down massive bosses, and so on. The strength of the game lies in the approachability of these mechanics.

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