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Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor

Sunday, 10 April 2016 12:36 mmoraw
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Atlas Reactor is a Free-to-play , simultaneous Turn-Based TBS, team tactics Multiplayer Game featuring competitive, fast-paced action and offbeat characters.

Atlas Reactor reinvents tactical team play, combining competitive, fast-paced action with simultaneous turns in high-stakes, high-risk battles. Players have the opportunity to outsmart and outgun their fellow Freelancers with mere seconds to survey the field, coordinate with their team and lock in their moves, then watch all players’ actions resolve at the same time. By working together as a team and predicting enemy actions and phases, players must devise the best strategy to put themselves one step ahead of the enemy to achieve victory. The near-infinite combination of tactics and strategy in every fast-paced turn forces players to think on their feet, offering a unique, nail-biting team strategy experience.

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