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Dynasty Chronicles
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Dynasty Chronicles is a Browser based Role-Playing MMO Game base on the fighting between three Chinese ancient nations story.

In Dynasty Chronicles you can be a lord of a small city initially, possessing some basic Gold, resources necessary to build your capital cities. The story is related to the already classic Chinese tale of three kingdoms, nothing special to the story but at least there is one.

Gameplay is the usual, combined with RPG and city management. You can build ordinary buildings, mentioning that they are divided into several zones on the map and not all together. Recruiting troops to create an army is done in an menu located at the top of the screen and not as it was used until now, in other games entering the building that produced these units. battles do not have 2D graphics or three-dimensional representation just given a written report in numbers and letters, at least for me it was a major disappointment but if you can overlook this fact would not be a problem so serious that harm gameplay, may be the game is even slightly retro if we look this thing that way.

Overall the game do not innovate or shines in any way, i could hardly recommend it .... may be just for retro look I could give him attenuating circumstances.

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