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Navy Force
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Navy Force is a browser based MMO war game.

Players build up a base, naval yard, and collect resources. To build ships and aircraft players need blueprints, which are limited use. Players can win blueprints in combat or purchase them in game store with game cash. Players start with a few blueprints to get a fleet set up and ready for combat. In the player’s base, they can build aircraft and recruit assault troops for landing operations. Through a research center technology is researched which helps improve the players base and units. Resources are traded for gold, which is required to build units and upgrade structures. Ships include destroyers, frigates, cruisers, aircraft carriers, assault craft and others. The game play takes part in the World War II era.

Combat in Navy Force is all text-based but you do get some nice reports back. Combat lasts a series of rounds or stages. After each stage, you can read the reports and see how you do.

A good prospect of Navy Force is that it requires actual strategies from players in building a force to attack others, which means that it’s not just to gather troops and enter battle. You will need to take more time in setting up your troops. Since it is a web-browser based game it does not require high spec PCs to run.

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