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Tale Seeker
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Tale Seeker is a Free Android, TCG (Trading Card Game) Puzzle RPG, Role-Playing Multiplayer Game.

Strategies your move in this TCG (Trading Card Game) PUZZLE RPG! Help characters from myths and fairy tales to complete their objective, no matter how cruel! CONNECT symbols and build your STRONGEST HAND to ATTACK the MONSTERS! Over 600 CARDS to COLLECT! Level-up, fuse, evolve, enhance and build your ULTIMATE TEAM! Join a GUILD, invite your FRIENDS, unlock DUNGEONS and fight together! Prove your SKILLS at the ARENA and strike it rich by predicting the winner! Enjoy this FREE game with amazing graphics from various artists!


- Free to play TCG Puzzle RPG

- Fight through waves of monsters and collect their cards

- Fuse, level-up, evolve, enhance and build the strongest team

- Join a Guild and work together for the greater good

- Prove your skills at the Arena and obtain the highest rank

- Test your luck and strike it rich at Pick a Winner

- Take a friend to battle and defeat the boss

- Unlock a dungeon for all your friends

- Journey through tales and myths with a different twist

- Event quests and stories available for a limited time

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