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Drakensang Online
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Drakensang Online is a Browser Based Action Role Playing MMO Game.

The dragon. Filled with a terrifying wrath built up over centuries, the dragon and its followers now wage a brutal war on the world. A deadly new era is dawning and humanity needs a new kind of hero, the time has come for a new order of warrior to step into battle and fight the terrifying dragons and savage monsters of the Anderworld.

Graphically, The Hack and slash role-playing game Drakensang Online is crafted in an extremely detailed manner, offering light and shadow, shimmering and reflective surfaces, spectacular water and fire effects, as well an delicately detailed texture.

The game is a very interesting combination between action and role-playing, inspired by the classic game Diablo with more advanced 3D graphics and gameplay like it. Resemblance to the classic games do not bother, especially for the fighting, they are now much more dynamic. Quest system could be improved with a automatically movement system.

Overall is a pleasant game, very playable with decent graphics to good in some places, i recommend to all lovers of action games and especially those who appreciate a good game for browser.



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