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Nebula Online
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Nebula Online is a sci-fi themed Free-to-Play, Space Role-Playing MMO Game (RPGMMO), featuring global real-time space battles.

Nebula Online is an old school sci-fi MMORPG. Build your ship, choose your race and profession and venture into deep space in search of wealth and power building your own empire, or glory in battle with your own fleets of pirates and mercenaries.

Hyper-crossing tunnels will open to you secrets of the low-studied depths of space, will bring to resource fields, abandoned stations and habitable planets. Explore Nebula Online Universe. World of battles, throw down challenge to your powerful enemies, conclude alliances, collect armies of like-minded persons and lead them further, to victory and triumph of your justice!

Space is full of resources. Their extraction and further processing into a finished raw materials are the basis of any object construction: from the smallest parts - up to housing stations and planetary structures.

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