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Bounty Hounds Online
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Bounty Hounds Online is a Role Playing MMO Game with sci-fi themes and robotic pet.

At man's first encounter with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI), a huge galactic war has broken out. Mankind has tried to eliminate the alien threat on potential planet colonies. With the birth of the Federal Government the colonial war has officially ended and military forces have been reduced. However, this peace is only a facade, because the galactic turmoil continues. Private Military Companies are the new army on which the government relies on. These mercenaries, also known as Bounty Hounds, are uncontrollable and their numbers are growing. Every day a new batch of mercenaries is heading to Clear Sky Planet to enforce the PMCs in order to hunt for greater victory... or death. As one of the mercenaries who survived the galactic war you will be part of the Private Military to fight for mankind and to become a true hero.

Designed after animals such as scorpions or dinosaurs, Combat & Tactical Units are the player’s loyal and protective robot companions which fight with untiring bravery. They are divided into three classes: Steelblade, Thunderbolt, and Ironback. Each class possesses distinct attributes, capabilities, and exclusive combat skills.

There are five unique classes: Shock Trooper, Heavy Gunner, Chemical Brawler, Engineer, and Agent. Every character class has its unique play style of melee or ranged attack as well as supporting abilities. With each class you will be able to choose your character's gender and customise the looks of your mercenary.

The smooth and intuitive combat system allows players to use both melee and ranged weapons, combat system automatically switches between melee and ranged attack depending on the distance to your target. So you can easily move around and use your abilities in the most efficient ways.

The gameplay is nothing special to highlight it but do not have anything bad to mention so its may be average or a little over average depends on how much you're a fan of rpg's games.

3D graphics of the game certainly does not impress you in particular, the whole game is presented well with many hours weeks even months of fun all for free so my opinion is you should at least give her a chance, who knows maybe you will be loyal even longer than months.


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