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Affected Zone Tactics

Affected Zone Tactics

Tuesday, 08 March 2016 16:39 mmoraw
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Affected Zone Tactics is a Free, Tactical Combat Strategy MMO Game featuring, old school, TBS Battles (Turn Based Strategy).

In Affected Zone Tactics , the player takes the role of Commander of a small mercenary group that ventures into a mysterious, parallel world in search of newly discovered energy sources. The gates to this parallel world were opened thanks to a portal created by Nicola Tesla in the 40s. However, this access is being used by armed groups to conquer the regions where there are plenty of these new energy sources. Players will take part in team-based battles in different playing modes, including for example a Capture the Flag mode (CTF).

Two teams, Alpha and Bravo, will have to fight in a turn-based system with only one goal: victory. They’ll have to take advantage of everything the strategic battlefield offers them, conquering zones with their mercenaries’ help. On top of that, they’ll be able to play in Clans, conquering zones and seeking world domination. Players will ascend in military rank, not only their main character but also their mercenaries, and so they will be able to upgrade their military equipment, barracks and other objects to slowly put together their best tactical teams.

Use and research all types of weapons and with your experience, you will become a War Specialist. If you’ve always wanted to become a great General and always had team spirit, this is the perfect free-to-play online game for you! Enter Affected Zone Tactics now!

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