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Elemental Heroes

Elemental Heroes

Saturday, 05 March 2016 09:24 mmoraw
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Elemental Heroes is a Free-to-play Fantasy, Role-Play MMO Game with Turn Based combat, economic strategy elements and free world PVP.

In game Elemental Heroes you will fight monsters, collect resources, improve your magic and army - do everything to win real people in tough PVP! There is a world consisting of three portals to fight and to explore. Each portal has its own rules, opponents and treasures. This game is about tactics and the main goal is to beat various monsters and real opponents. Winning the battles, the player gains experience and various bonuses in the form of new maps and artifacts that will help him in later battles. Also, one of the main goals of the gameplay is the compilation of a deck of cards to make the best of warfare.

There are 4 elements in the game: Nature, Ice, Shadow and Fire. A player can create a character in any of element that means availability of unique skills, characteristics and mechanics of the combat. Every player has a set of spells and elementary cards (units), which can be bought and improved in special improvements shop. In order to understand better a point of the game we created a training regime for beginners that will allow them getting the hang of basic principles of the game and peculiarities of development.

The Legend:

" Since early beginning the Interworld has been on the verge of extinction. Endless wars, epidemics and famine have been tearing at its lands. Spontaneous kingdoms accused each other of their misfortunes, throwing more and more combatants into the fray. But there were people, who decided that it is time to choose a new way. In order to find out why all the population of the Interworld got into the verge of extinction, they carried out a ritual, which opens a portal into thin dimensions. Having peeped in, sorcerers saw that demonic creatures - Famine, War, Murrain and Death, which are minded to seize this world and to turn it into their home, took fancy to the Interworld.

Having united, sorcerers formed an Elemental Heroes Worship that was aimed at standing up to four riders of doomsday. They overthrew belligerent rulers of their kingdoms, having united them under their own governance and showed people their true enemies. Shadows Kingdom taught a Death Smiter, Fire Kingdom produced a War Smiter, Natural Kingdom bred a Famine Smiter and Icy Kingdom bred a Murrain Smiter.

Four greatest heroes - four Elemental Heroes got down to a combat with the creatures that wanted to gobble up the Interworld and excarnated the demons. Each of the kingdoms got a demonical artifact for safekeeping. The Death Scythe was secreted in the heart of Shadows Kingdom, the War Sword – at the very bottom of a volcano in Fire Kingdom, the Famine Scales were hidden in a tree of Nature Kingdom and the Steel Crown of Murrain was put into an icy mountain in the center of Icy Kingdom. But demons, thrown out beyond the real world, were hungering for a vengeance. At the same time heroes of Spells, who were ordinary people, were becoming grey. Then the Worship declared that the world needs new Elemental Heroes. The most skilled and strong combatant of every kingdom, who will be able to prove his talents and skills in combats, will be elected as Smiter that has to keep a watchful eye on his demonical artifact. Therefor he will be glorified and honoured as a world’s savior.

But a masterful weapons skill was not enough for a combat with creatures that inhabit in two worlds simultaneously – in a real one and in a thin one. In order to stand up against demons of the thin world the Worship created special cards. These cards can call creatures of the thin world, who are able to combat with demons. Handling of cards required a mastership, as combatants laying claim to a title of Smiter had to learn not only how to combat but how to manage troops as well. Strategy and tactics became very important for combatants as well as masterful weapons skill. Each one of the united kingdoms concluded an alliance with the creatures that are naturally similar with it. Fueling the creations from the thin world by energy of elements, representatives of Worship got a steady-going service in return.

That is why the drafting cards were of great value for residents of the Interworld and only the worthiest ones get an access to it. In order to polish up leadership potential, strategic mind and tactical ruse in controlling of drafted creatures jousts function at the territory of the united kingdoms and the best combatants try out their strength in combats with each other, fighting for a right to become the Smiter.

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