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KingsRoad is a Free-to-play Android , Action RPG Role-Playing Multiplayer Game.

In game KingsRoad anyone can answer the heroes call, leave the safety of the hearth behind as you fight to prevent the warriors of evil from dominating the realm. You can play KingsRoad for free in the most addicting Action RPG!

Choose your class:

- Knight, Noble warrior. Sword and board tank. Defender of the Kingdom.

- Archer, Sniper. Rogue. Bow and arrow expert.

- Mage, Wizard. Sorcerer. General wielder of fire and arcane spells


- Free to play Action RPG

- Real-time multiplayer. Play with other heroes from around the world.

- Cross platform gameplay. Play your heroes across desktop and mobile devices.

- Endless Content. Hundreds of maps to explore. Countless enemies to slay.

- Form guilds and create alliances in defense of the Kingdom.

- Customizable talents and spells.

- Craftable item upgrades.

- Epic. Loot. Drops.

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