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Bierzerkers is a Free-to-play team-based, Battle Arena (PVP) Multiplayer Game featuring stylised Norse visuals, arcade-inspired melee combat, and boring online competition if you play more than few minutes.

Bierzerkers - You are dead. What happens next? Drinking and fighting, of course! As a reward for your brave deeds in Midgard (or, in the case of the Drunkard, his extreme alcohol tolerance), the gods have let you ascend to Brewhalla, where you get to do your favorite things for eternity: boozing and brawling. Have a brew, grab a weapon, and crush, kill, destroy, DRINK! Set in a vivid, stylised, Norse afterlife, Bierzerkers is a multiplayer melee arena combat for all comers. While quick to pick up and get in some killing, the game has a great deal of depth, both individually and as a team. Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their sheep!

Key Features:

- Team-based, 5v5 online melee combat

- Fast, arcade-style gameplay

- Quick matches

- 5 character classes with unique abilities (and more to come!)

- Easy to pick up, but hundreds of different class, ability, and environmental interactions make mastery elusive

- Gorgeous mythical environments full of color and majesty

- Join Early Access to shape the development and future of the game

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