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Friday, 26 February 2016 01:19 mmoraw
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Felspire Updates with Powerful Equipment and Awesome Wings.

Felspire of 37Games will release its Version 1.26 on February 26th. After launching on November 2015, Felspire has become a popular role-playing game and been nominated for numerous awards. There are now 164 servers available for Felspire(Official Website: http://play.37.com/fs/?cid=54&scid=fs1.26). New equipment, new wings, new maps, new items, new events and more will appear in the coming update.

As time goes by, the enemies in Felspire will become stronger and the battle will become fiercer. 2 new Lv 451 to 500 PvP maps, Land of Promise and Whisper Plain will be added. At the same time, a new boss and several new missions of Elite Challenge will appear. To help players get great progress in Felspire, T10 equipment and Lv 4 wings will be added. Equipment is one of the most important elements in a game. It plays a significant role in a battle. T10 equipment set will be added to Felspire in this update. T10 equipment can be used to increase the fuse success rate and can be smelted to increase the relic EXP. In addition, T10 equipment can be combined, which can add more combat power to a character.
Awesome wings not only can change the appearance of a character, but also add more traits. The newly added Lv 4 wings are obtainable by fusing. Players can get the required materials by killing world bosses, the bosses on PvP maps and the bosses in Land of Chaos.
Fruit will have a more important role in this update. Players can now get 3 stat points from each stat fruit. There will be many new fruits with new stats such as Lv 1 HP Fruit, Lv 3 HP Fruit, VD Res Fruit, SD Res, etc, which can be obtained from sign-in, VIP Dungeon and various events. Besides these, two new items Dragon Badge and Mithril will be available. Dragon Badge can be used for T7+ mounts to boost stats. Mithril, a new item for upgrading relics, can be used to grant HP+1200, ATK+200 and DEF+100.

Players will have a good experience in this new version. More new features and more events with abundant rewards, please check Felspire’s website for more information: http://play.37.com/fs/?cid=54&scid=fs1.26

About Felspire: - Felspire is a western medieval fantasy themed role-playing browser game developed and published by the rapidly growing browser and mobile game company, 37Games. The game provides a wide variety of settings ranging from bustling cities, frozen plateaus, and mysterious forests to chilling tombs. Your character will face countless trials and fierce battles in various scenarios in your journey to greatness!

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