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World of Devil
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World of Devil is a online mobile game, RPG role-playing game, is free to play on Android devices, from feng haiming.

World of Devil is a magic APRG (Action Role Playing Game) Cell phone game. Unique race skills, Amazing wing’s skill addition, Alternative Magic Frame system, Timely PVP Arena, Free proceeds Nest, Original Endless Clositer. All players kill the World Boss--Dragon together...beautiful picture experience, extraordinary fighting result. Welcome to the Demon’s hometown World of Devil !

Characteristic of Game:

- race wings

Unique race wings’ system. Different wing’ skills match different races,do the best to improve the Visuals and Fighting scenes. Leveling up the final wing can help you play much more easy!

- Magic Frame

All kinds of Magic Frames can Evolution and Regen,enhance all-round fighting properties!

- Ladder Arena

Real-time PVP Arena,skills can released immediately,make you feeling the most accomplishment!

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