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Tactical Craft Online
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Tactical Craft Online is a Free-to-play open world, Sandbox Survival MMO Game with elements of Tactical Role Playing (RPG) and advanced Crafting system.

Tactical online multiplayer game with RPG elements. The well-balanced mix of TRPG & Sandbox genres brings the other kind of experience for every gamer. A massive fully generated world with different biomes and underworlds to explore.

All man-made objects and structures in the game can be created by players from the natural resources of the game world. Complex crafting system allows you to combine different components to get the objects with desired properties. Mining, building, crafting, researching are real-time, while battles are turn-based. With this approach a better-pumped squad is not necessarily winning: remember there are tricky moves, limited fields of view, traps…Tactical possibilities are endless!

Gain experience and use stimulators to boost your units’ parameters, but be careful not to overdo. Side effects can cause fractures, poisoning, paranoia madness or even worse… The interaction capabilities in the game are endless: watch others mining common resources, building, fighting, gaining territorries or just travelling around in real time just in front of you. Take part or stay beside: it’s your choice!

While Tactical Craft Online still has a bit of work ahead of itself, the idea is not bad at all. However, the implementation is not the best out there, and you might stumble into a few bugs, which is only natural for a game with such large world.

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