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Victory The Age of Racing
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Victory The Age of Racing is a Free-to-play Sport, Racing MMO Game with user generated cars inspired by the different ages of racing.

Victory The Age of Racing is one of the best Free to Play (F2P) online racing games available on the market today. A world inspired by the legendary open wheels racing scene, but revised with a post-apocalyptic art direction for cars and tracks which gives to Victory an unique visual appearance in the racing games niche. Victory proposes a thrilling racing experience through multiplayer events competition and get drivers involved in an addictive team career.

You can be a ruthless driver pushing your car over the limits, a talented designer by creating unique user generated cars and a high skilled technical director by enhancing your car's performance and tackling advanced settings. Join the competition and get victorious by racing in Victory. The ultimate goal of the Game producers (Vae Victis, an independent game development studio based in Italy) is to create a sandbox racing game, where you can create your cars, tracks, championships, live events... giving players the freedom to be a racer, a technical director, a car designer, a team manager, a constructor. It's up to Players how far we can go, the Game is already a fully featured multiplayer online racing game that you can enjoy in multiple ways, probably more extra feature (goodies) will come .... I can't hardly wait :)

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