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Eagle Fantasy Golf
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Eagle Fantasy Golf is a Free to Play, Android, arcade-style Sport Golf Multiplayer Game.

Eagle Fantasy Golf features easy controls, a comprehensive single-player story quest, team events, character development and customization through an ever expanding lineup of fantastic equipment, outfits and costumes that aren't just for show. Clear the Holes (Maps) to acquire new equipment (such as golf clubs, clothing, etc.) and gain funds to strengthen your equipment, and nurture your own unique avatar. It also has an Item Mall where you can purchase Charge Points (CP) to use for convenient boons and to purchase additional equipment and outfits from the In-game Shops.


- Easy to use control system

- Comprehensive single-player campaign

- Match challenge system

- Team chat

- Equipment Fusion System

- Character customization

- Huge library of outfits to mix and match

- Google Achievements

THE STORY - You are a golfer out to prove yourself worthy of walking the path of legends. Along the way, help Suzette and Leroux uncover the mystery behind the Spin Gang's plots, develop your equipment, and collect unique outfits that show not only your skill but your sense of style.

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