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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 myClub
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 myClub is a Free to play, Sport, Soccer Club Management MMO Game.

The highly popular myClub mode in Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is now available as a Free to Play edition! myClub is a mode for you to sign world renowned players and managers to create your ideal team. Alongside weekly events, 2016 introduces player growth system and players.

A game with so much damn potential but with some issues that cause quite a few problems, wouldn't detect almost any gamepad (99,9%), tried a couple of times and gave up. Game looks nice enough in training but I don't think someone have enaugh patience to play it with keyboard. To try and get game pad working is futile. So in the end a greate disapointement, just avoid this game if you dont want to get frustrated.

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