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SNOW is a Free-to-play open world, Winter Sports MMO Game.

SNOW is developed using Crytek’s proprietary CRYENGINE and is built to deliver the most realistic experience ever. All the restrictions that can weigh down traditional sports games have been removed, giving the player the freedom to explore the mountains in whichever way they see fit. Players can perform all the tricks and ‘jibs’ possible in real life. Freeskiing icons like Tanner Hall, Tom Wallisch and Russ Henshaw have helped with the game design in order to create the most authentic game experience possible.

Explore a massive mountain, customize your character with clothing and equipment from the biggest brands, and compete in events to be the best. Or head online and explore the mountain together with other players!

Key Features:

- Open-World - Explore Sialia, a massive alpine mountain handcrafted for the game. Descend Sialia’s four faces and discover hidden valleys, mountain towns, old ruins and much more.

- Authentic - Feel the snow beneath you as your ride down the mountain. SNOW has been built as a completely physics driven game to give you the most realistic skiing experience ever.

- Customization - Dress yourself in the latest clothing and equipment from the biggest brands. Customize your look from head to toe from a catalogue of over 700 items.

- Multiplayer - Ride with your friends in Free Roam Multiplayer and experience the mountain together.

- Snowboard - If you’re not a fan of skiing, strap on your snowboard and shred the mountain a different way. Customize your character with clothing and equipment from the biggest snowboard brands.

- Snowmobiles - Tired of always riding down the mountain? With the snowmobile you’ll be able to ride up the mountain instead! New events and features will ensure that snowmobiles are as important to the game as skiing and snowboarding.

- Create - Customize your mountain by placing props and other features anywhere you like. Use jumps to access new areas or place other props to approach an area in a new way.

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