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Steel Mayhem the second war
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Steel Mayhem [the second war] is a Free Android, Action Shooter, Battle Multiplayer Game.

Explosive action awaits in Steel Mayhem [the second war] You are the planet's last hope and that means only one thing – no turning back!

- A unique Arena mode – summon your friends for help and try to survive though all the waves of enemies and bosses!

- Lots of missions, thousands of enemies! Our hero will fight countless enemy hordes in hundreds of spectacular battles!

- Bosses that will put your skills to the test! Each of them significantly differs from common criminals and surely packs a lot of firepower!

- A big weapon selection where each piece is highly upgradeable!

- Powerful weaponry needs a high-class armor! You decide on what to take with you; will you take mines to set up tricky traps, or will you take an ally beacon to summon your own small army?

- Battlefield is the planet itself! A diverse of levels will lead you through dry deserts, green forests and many others!

Steel Mayhem is an action game that will keep you on your toes!

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