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Dungeon Legends
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Dungeon Legends is a Free to play F2P, Android Action RPG (Role-Playing) Multiplayer Game.

Dungeon Legends includes a campaign mode, and a real-time co-op mode. Up to 4 players can play in the same mission via Internet connection. Those who look for a real challenge can enter the Arena and play against other players in PvP battles. Players can also join clans and access exclusive events. They can fight in the clan wars and become the best clan in the world.

Dungeon Legends gives player the opportunity to become a member of the Dwarfs, who descend into the dungeons for gold and glory. In their adventures, players should train their characters, and improve their stats.

There are different skills to unlock, that can be used in the adventures, and in the PvP modes. The players can configure their own character, choosing the skills they want to use before each battle. The skill selector allows players to adapt their Dwarves to the gameplay they are comfortable with (damage, healer, tank, …). The skills can be configured at any time, so players can test new configurations or they can specialize in a skill branch


- Fight real-time battles against other players

- PvP modes

- All the game modes can be played for free

- Ally with your friends to explore the dungeons in the co-op mode

- Chat with other players

- High-resolution graphics.

- Sign in with Game Center to store your game in the cloud.

- Optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

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