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Maegica is a Browser based fantasy MMO Game with elements of both the strategy and role-playing genres.

The game is set in an ancient land. People are suffering from years of war between three nations. Gamers will play heroes to save this land of chaos.

Maegica is a newly-designed browser-based game that centers on city and resource management together with real time strategy. In this game, every player will have a city to manage, upgrade, while progressing through increasingly tough battles against NPC enemies and command heroes with individual abilities. Large scale challenges of unprecedented conflicts. Allows 100 players to order 500 soldiers for a simultaneous strike. 500 Heroes + 100 Players - Maegica allows up to 100 players and 500 heroes in Alliance fight. 1000 Strategies Combination - Combination of 1000 strategies; 72 soldier types for wise selection! Diehardheroes fight to their end remembering your leadership by heart.

So, with stable supplies backing, allies in company and troops at disposal, Heroes, it is high time to embark on the journey of glory. And at the end of it, you can declare as once Caesars said: I came, I saw and I conquered.


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