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Magic Craft
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Magic Craft is a Free to play (F2P), Android Strategy Role-Playing Multiplayer Game.

Magic Craft is a combination of classic micromanage and strategy mobile game, hundreds of very cute characters, gorgeous battle effects, and an epic adventure! It breaks the traditional stand-fighting gameplay! Experience a better taste of battle as you create your own formations with full control of the battlefield. Walk your heroes into formation and have immediate release of magnificent epic skills with micro-operation.

Intense Operating Experience - Magic Craft's exclusive first program screen experience that lets you have the freedom to move the heroes and create the strongest lineup in the battle of strategy! Don’t let your battle be fixed, control your own victory!

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Gorgeous Lineup of Heroes - In Magic Craft, there are hundreds of epic heroes waiting for your summon with very flashy styles, and gorgeous 3D battle effects. Each hero has its own independent voice that will surely make you laugh!

Collect Epic Equipments - Gather all the top set of equipments! With the strongest equipments you can easily battle against the greatest players, and goodbye to the days where little monsters chased you! With these unique sets, become a high-profile beauty now!

Ultimate Boss Challenge - Step on the bodies of those you've defeated and sit on your throne of victory! Become a master of battle through experience, policy, and strength, and reach the peak of greatness! Rich rewards are waiting for you to collect!

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