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Titan Siege
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Titan Siege is a Free-to-play (F2P), Fantasy Role-Playing MMO Game MMORPG.

Central to Titan Siege is epic siege battles in which players can ally with real players and NPC’s to command mighty siege engines and pummel their opponents cities into submission, also the game features a richly detailed world set over three continents that echoes the legends of Northern Europe, Greece, Egypt and other ancient civilisations. With the ability to choose from 5 different classes (Soldier, Wizard, Priest, Summoner and Assassin) and develop up to 50 different skills, players must band together to explore the game’s many regions, whilst undertaking quests to ultimately defeat the mighty Titans who have imposed their oppressive will upon the world. Moreover the game features the ability for players to nurture, develop and trade powerful pets with individual skills that can help turn the tide of battle.

Designed to be epic in its vision and scope, Titan Siege provides gamers with thousands of hours of gameplay in a multi-level game world in which they can fly and swim from the highest peaks right down to the depths of the ocean, teeming with creatures and hidden treasure. The game features over 300 creatures, 15 cities, 100 quests (300 sub quests) and the ability to command 10 different siege engines in massive city-sieges with up to 2000 other players.

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