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Guardians of Divinity
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Guardians of Divinity is a Free Browser-Based, Action Role-Playing MMO Game.

Guardians of Divinity (G.O.D.) is a new MMO developed by the rapidly growing browser and mobile game company, 37Games. You play as a god that has been cast from the heavens. Join the first MMO to take gods from around the world and battle with them not only on earth but also in the stars. Use a custom built spaceship to battle your enemies in space and beyond. As the chosen one you’ ll have the ability to morph into different gods, such as Ares, Thor, or even the Monkey Kingin your quest to return to your former position among the gods.

There are times you just don’t feel like sitting in front of the screen and killing monsters for hours in order to grind to your next levelup. By using the auto-combat system, you can concentrate more on the fun aspects of the gameplay and not that endless grind. When you have reached a relatively high level of your class, it’s time to make an Advance. Your first Advance is at lvl 120. Light up all Destiny points and Advance to your next class to unlock untold power.

In the land of G.O.D., every individual has their own Star Sign which decides their personality and Guardian Goddess. Once the player collects enough pieces of Goddess Soul, they will be able to summon a Goddess to help them in battle. In the Zodiac Goddesses event that goes live today, players can discover their Guardian Goddess by entering in their birthdate, and will be given a special gift pack according to their Star Sign as a reward!

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