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Heroic Saga
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Heroic Saga is a Free-to-play Android , Shooting Strategy Multiplayer Game with RPG elements and featuring Turn-Based Fights (TBS).

Trying to find an amazing RPG that will allow you to explore ancient lands and battle majestic creatures? Heroic Saga allows you to do that, as well as access an amazing guild system and the ability to engage in amazing battles with bosses which have a story of their own. Heroic Saga is created with a simple idea, and that is to bring in front amazing gameplay opportunities and strategies.

You are free to choose your own team and skill, all while being able to consume potions. You can also conquer domains and join a guild that will provide you with countless way to enforce your team and take it to the next level. At the same time, you can explore amazing lands, recruit great warriors.

Gather heroes, engage yourself into the ultimate battles and try to overcome all challenges that appear within this land. Download Heroic Saga and join the ultimate battle by using skills and tactics in order to get across.


- Shooting Strategy RPG

- Daily Challenge

- Guild war system

- Black Market

- Bonus game

- Intensive 3 vs 3 battle

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