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Indomitus is a Browser based Role Playing MMO Game featuring RTS gameplay.

In Indomitus, you will relive the wars and struggles of the barbarian tribes that have been forgotten by history. For centuries, the Roman Empire used all its might to push these tribes back to the dark, uncivilized corners of the world. Faced with the overwhelming Roman legions, tribe chieftains were forced to retreat ever further into the hinterlands of Europe and be forgotten. Corruption and political conflict have exposed chinks in the Roman defenses, and the barbarian tribes are ready for vengeance.

Manors are the foundation of all your power in Indomitus. All resources and armies are produced in manors, so it's of paramount importance that you quickly learn the basics and get your manors up to speed. Indomitus also offers an exciting, fresh new world for players to experience. Based on the barbarian invasions of ancient Europe. Eight different tribes are preparing for the ultimate war of domination, and the fate of Europe hangs in the balance, Frankish, Gothic, Gaelic, Hunnic, Vandal, Saxon, Viking, and Byzantine tribes. Squads are formed from the pairing of heroes and units. Squads are ultimately what you send to go to war, improve cities, and transport resources. Heroes and units are useless if they aren't rallied into squads first. War is what Indomitus is all about, so you better get prepared before you even think about stepping onto the battlefield. When a city is attacked, you can only view this interface for the duration of the battle. Squads arriving will appear automatically on the battlefield at the beginning of the round. If there are enemies present (attacking or defending), Squads will automatically enter the battle. Heroes are your main agents in Indomitus, and you rely on them to accomplish everything from leading troops in battle to building city walls and transporting resources. You can't do much without heroes to carry out your orders, so it is worth your while to invest in recruiting and training them.


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This game is down for a while...

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