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Operation Gamma 41
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Operation Gamma 41 is a Browser based strategy role-playing MMO game.

In 1941, Operation Gamma changed the war forever. After two years of bitter fights, more and more countries were drawn into wars wake. The League of Nations, which had worked to uphold peace since the last devastating world war, helplessly had to watch as Axis and Allies tore each other apart. In one last attempt to stop this madness, the Leagues head, Richard P. Ward, invited all the nation’s leaders to a final conference in Geneva. With their troops clawing at each other’s throats, the leaders of the nations followed Ward’s call. The hint of a secret that would change the war was enough to bring them all together, for nobody dared to miss out. The world held its breath for a moment. Everything changed that fateful day. As the radio transmission of the conference started, silence fell across the lands and battlefields alike. But something wasn’t right. There was only static noise coming from the radio, followed by otherworldly wails and screams. Then a hoarse whisper, a warning: Gamma is coming When the first airplanes arrived at Geneva, they found a burning city. In 1941, the world was left devoid of its leaders.

Operation Gamma 41 offers a unique, never seen before dynamic storyline: the decisions of all the players on a server have a significant impact on how the story develops and will even change the game itself", explains Simon Seefeldt, Senior Director Online at Just A Game. "The epic tale surrounding some of the secrets of World War 2 can have multiple endings and is underpinned by a complex economy system, interactive battles that offer many tactical options, diverse character development for Commanders and a very sophisticated PvP-System as well as many options for clans and solo players", Simon Seefeldt concludes.

Operation Gamma 41 features direct battle control over the troops’ every move and attack on land,in water and in airborne battles. Powerful commanders with individual upgradable skills lead one of the two main forces or the endgame Shadow Force. Players benefit from limitless city building and a dueling system for solo and team players.



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