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Apotheon Arena
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Apotheon Arena is a Free, Online Multiplayer, Action, Battle Arena Game featuring brutal, bronze-age combat.

Apotheon Arena is the free online-multiplayer complement to the mythic Greek action RPG, Apotheon. Pit your skills with spear and shield against other players in brutal bronze-age combat. Battle across the statuesque arenas of Olympus, depicted with beautiful black-figure pottery artwork.

 - Totally free! No microtransactions or ads! If you already own Apotheon no need to download, you can play online with the regular Apotheon game also

 - Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Team Elimination game modes.

 - Ten arenas to fight across; battle from the Grove of Artemis, to the Palace of Zeus

 - Dozens of melee and ranged weaponry. Slay with spear, sword, arrow and axe.

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